Justin’s Story

Growing up “on a dirt road” in Brunswick, Georgia, Justin soaked in the simple, timeless values and strong work ethic that shaped his early years. His entrepreneurial spirit ignited at just 15 with the launch of his landscaping business, where he honed the foundational principles crucial for entrepreneurial success. 

Driven by a genuine desire to assist others and spurred by a friendly $5,000 challenge, Justin ventured into the financial services world. Against all odds, he not only passed three financial exams within 30 days but also earned prestigious credentials like the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Value Growth Advisor®, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor® designations in subsequent years. Through his journey of business ownership and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs, Justin discovered his passion for unlocking their full potential. 

With a heart set on empowering business owners, Justin founded his own business consulting company, where he has since helped countless entrepreneurs enhance their organizations’ value and management. His story is a testament to the transformative power of determination, resilience, and a deep-seated commitment to fostering growth and success in others.

In 2016, Justin embarked on a mission to empower, motivate, and educate business owners, leading to the creation of FinanciallySimple.com. This comprehensive platform, hailed as an “educational portal” for small business proprietors, became the springboard for Justin’s impactful podcast, insightful blog posts, and engaging YouTube channel.

Over the ensuing years, entrepreneurs worldwide took notice of Justin’s work. His approachable demeanor and knack for simplifying intricate business concepts elevated him to the status of an industry luminary.

 This recognition catapulted Justin into high demand as a keynote speaker and mentor, earning accolades from prestigious publications like Forbes, Kiplinger, Yahoo! Finance, and more. Leveraging over three decades of entrepreneurial expertise, Justin shares invaluable insights to help others replicate his success in their own ventures.

 Justin’s contributions have earned him acclaim within the industry and among countless business owners. He’s been honored with prestigious awards, including the 2021 Exit Planning Thought Leader, the 2022 Peter Christman Exit Planner of the Year Award, and induction into the 2024 Exit Planning Circle of Excellence. Additionally, Justin’s impact in finance is evident through his five-time recognition as one of Investopedia’s Top-100 Most Influential Advisors and his inclusion in Forbes Southeastern Leaders.

Husband, Father, Outdoorsman

Family and faith are at the core of Justin’s identity. He resides on a quaint hobby farm with his wife and three children, where they lovingly care for goats, chickens, turkeys, and Guinea Fowl. Justin’s expertise in horticulture shines through in his thriving garden and the abundant fresh produce and fruits from his orchard, a testament to his passion for nature’s bounty.

A lover of the great outdoors, Justin immerses himself in activities like camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and anything that allows him to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. As an Advanced Open Water PADI Certified Scuba Diver, Justin continually expands his knowledge of the underwater world with each summer’s adventures and certifications. Whether he’s diving or trolling offshore for Wahoo, Mahi, and Tuna, or hiking in the Rocky Mountains or Kansas plains in search of wildlife, Justin embraces every opportunity for adventure.

Beyond his outdoor pursuits, Justin is a talented musician, proficient in playing the piano and saxophone. When he’s not making music, he enjoys friendly gaming sessions with his sons on Xbox, adding fun and laughter to their family moments.

The Author

Justin Goodbread is an accomplished author who has made significant contributions to the business literature landscape. His first book, The Ultimate Sale, published in 2019, marked a pivotal moment in his career. With a focus on guiding business owners through the intricate process of preparing their businesses for sale, The Ultimate Sale quickly gained recognition and acclaim. It was not only published in multiple languages but also garnered numerous ‘Best Seller’ awards on Amazon, highlighting its widespread appeal and relevance to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Following the success of his debut book, Justin Goodbread continued to make waves in the literary world with his second book, Your Baby’s Ugly. This book achieved remarkable milestones, such as securing the #1 spot on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list and ranking #56 on the USA Today Best Seller List. Additionally, Your Baby’s Ugly received multiple ‘Best Seller’ awards on Amazon, reinforcing its impact and resonance within the business community. 

Your Baby’s Ugly stands out for its comprehensive exploration of eight key areas that Justin identifies as pivotal in enhancing a business’s intrinsic value. By delving into these critical aspects, Justin equips business owners with actionable insights to strategically grow their businesses and maximize their value. 

With a proven track record of producing insightful and impactful content, Justin Goodbread’s upcoming third title is highly anticipated. His dedication to providing practical guidance and valuable strategies underscores his reputation as an authoritative voice in the realm of business literature. As he continues to empower entrepreneurs with knowledge and expertise, Justin’s contributions to the business world remain invaluable and influential.


Written By Justin GoodBreed

Your Baby's Ugly

Are you creating a business that’s attractive to others – or is it a business only a parent could love? If you have plans to sell it one day, you MUST know… the sooner the better.

The Ultimate Sale

A Financially Simple guide teaching you how to sell your business for maximum profit.