A Financially Simple guide teaching you how to sell your business for maximum profit.


Approximately three-quarters of current small and mid-market business owners plan to retire within the next decade, but fewer than 20% of owners who want to sell their businesses will actually be able to. Meaning, if you plan to sell your business to fund your retirement, you might be in trouble. In The Ultimate Sale, owners are challenged to think of their business as an asset and are shown tactics on how to prepare it for a profitable sale in 10 years or less. Many business books teach aspects of business growth or exit planning for its owner, but not both. The Ultimate Sale does just that.

You’ll discover:

  • How to turn you business from a stressful “day job” into retirement-boosting asset.
  • How to determine your business’ real value, not just what you think it is worth.
  • Who you need to have on your team to properly advise you.
  • How to design long-term strategies that improve sellable value.
  • What to expect when you put the business up for sale… the pitfalls, the gotchas.
  • How to deal with the influx of money after you do sell.

Don’t wait to start making the changes to your company that could make a huge difference in its sale price and ultimately the amount you have for your family and  retirement!