Are you creating a business that’s attractive to others – or is it a business only a parent could love? If you have plans to sell it one day, you MUST know… the sooner the better.


If your business isn’t attractive to others, you’ll struggle to rise up as a marketplace leader and attract financial investors when you need it – or sell your business for profit in the future. You’re involved in the little things to ensure everything keeps running smoothly, but pouring endless time and energy into your business might not improve value – or your net worth.

In Your Baby’s Ugly, Justin Goodbread offers the secrets to nurturing your company more effectively for better transferability, more longevity, and a bigger appraisal price when you’re ready to sell. With practical advice for small business owners, this is your guide to successful valuation strategy for a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business that can increase your net worth without increasing your stress.

You’ll discover:

  • The eight key areas of business that drive sellable value.
  • How leadership, not management, ties directly to value– and improving work culture improves value long-term.
  • Crush your competition today with a ten-step process to create repeatable sales.
  • Four Cs for marketing your business with a better perception and expectation for your target market.
  • Essential improvements for your finance department to make sure you get offers above fair market value.

Don’t hold your baby back from reaching its full potential. Get Your Baby’s Ugly now to build a highly transferable, valuable business that has the potential to sell for the highest maximum profit!